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Mako (Keshet 12)


Art Director


Built a studio of 14 UX & marketing designers, animators, and illustrators to deliver the largest news and magazine website and application in Israel with over 70M monthly visits



Building cutting-edge digital products, games, and apps


Building a highly effective in-house design organization, to save the company millions of dollars


Mentoring and scale team of multi-discipline designers


Worked with the different departments & teams within the company on the planning, design, coordination & support of developed features

Take control, Bring results

Implementing Keshet's needs for creative services was a huge success!  By using Mako studio for design for Keshet TV and digital assets, We saved millions of dollars for Keshet and we were able to grow and scale fast inside the studio as more and more options were revealed.

We launch hundreds of apps, games, and quizzes for TV shows like MasterChef Israel, Ninja Israel, The Next Star, and more...  Helped the company to lead the digital space in Israel with Ideas and new initiatives.


Don't follow trends, Create them!

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Fresh-minded and with a clear strategy as a team, we always thought about our next move! Bringing content to millions of users every day, was crucial to give the right experience for the user.
Keep it simple and fun. Interesting and addictive. 


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